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Thursday, April 16, 2009

i hate school.

the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 11:45 PM

Saturday, March 21, 2009
Normal people would find it a pain to do differentiation and integration, so imagine my joy when i found out that it was not tested for March CTs.

Until i started doing differential equations and power series - which rely heavily on D&I.

I got scammed =( RJ damn scheming la.

the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 1:17 PM

Saturday, February 28, 2009
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG ALL HAIL MY (temporary) return to the blogging scene!
And I am only here because I am doing vectors and it is terribly annoying and any distraction is therefore very welcome.

Probably no one is going to discover this post till eons later because of the apparent death of my blog but NO, I am awesome and have revived it! This, however, is not going to last long.

School is getting more fun nowadays, though it comprises of a lot more studying, it's actually somewhat fun when the entire class studies together! K not ENTIRE, but most of the class anyway. What a drastic difference from last year honestly. The guys used to play cards at every break, now it's CHINESE CHESS. SO intellectually stimulating.

Okay I have nothing more to say because my life revolves around school.


the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 12:58 PM

Tuesday, January 6, 2009
Very lazy to think of titles for my posts.

Yesterday was fun! Though the inefficiency of the school kind of made my day very wasted. Was supposed to have a talk by the principal for about an hour but it ended up being a very very slow 15 minute talk by some.. dean I think. Dancing the befriender's dance was kind of funny, especially looking at people with mismatched heights trying to do the befriender's turn, and Weekian and I were pretty alright at it, so there wasn't very much excitement. The whole event ended 1 hour earlier than expected, so I trooped down to RG to meet Leeqi after that.

Going back to RG was pretty fun, looking at all the house boards and blocks with awful colour coordination and seeing teachers again, some of whom were delightful and some of whom reminded me of bad times and some whose names just escapes me (I can't remember the name of the teacher that called me up to scold me for 8 whole minutes, I cannot believe it.) Looking back on all that I used to be part of and feeling the nostalgia.. kind of.

The auntie at stall 5 still remembers me and Cheryl, because admittedly we spent a lot of our time in RG in the canteen pigging out on Tao Kae Noi or random new snacks. I still cringe at the sight of prefects, whether or not they can book me (HAHA TAKE THAT). I still try not to make eye contact with teachers so I don't have to greet them (which is a very very bad habit). I still like to go to popular to look at pens. I still walk by the side to avoid the security guards. Prefects are still not at the prefects room when you want to buy school badges.

Things have changed though. J block is now quite hideous with a fairly random colour scheme and there are many buildings that have sprouted out of nowhere. The floor of the squash courts have FINALLY been resurfaced. The plants just outside of J block have grown to be much bigger than when I last saw them.

Felt quite good walking through these gates again, though I must say it was very odd seeing RG girls with yellow name tags again.

Met up with Leeqi to shop, and by shop I mean walk aimlessly around, eating and playing with toys at the Better Toy Store, drinking coffee at Starbucks while WILLING our phones to work - it was quite unfortunate that both our phones ran out of battery and we were practically un-contactable till Yx came to save us. Had been a long time since I spent quality time with Leeqi without the rowdiness of frisbee guys (HAHA) and random interjections and it really felt good!

Dinner was kind of good though exorbitant. Clarke Quay shall be my new place of exploration and adventure.

As you can tell my interest in blogging has dwindled significantly since the start of the post.


the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 7:14 PM

Sunday, January 4, 2009
#68: Misfortune
(This post was written with yesterday's angst.)

Three days into the new year and I'm already not very optimistic about how this might turn out. The whole new-beginning thing seems to wield much power into flinging me into an abyss of prolific disaster (you may think I'm exaggerated but WAIT TILL YOU HEAR ABOUT THE DAY I HAD)

1. Woke up late for training because I was an idiot and set the alarm to the wrong day. 
2. Then on the way to West Coast Park we overshot our stop and had to walk a long distance back to our destination which was awful because that is something you just don't want to do in the morning.
3. During training, which was supposed to be good, I TWISTED MY ANKLE and ergo could do nothing more than watch and occasionally take pictures.
4. Midway through training (or in my case, sitting idly at the sidelines), my mother informs me that TUITION STARTS AGAIN! Hence I went to tuition without even a pen.
5. After tuition, my phone spoils, and I cannot switch it on. And I had to search everywhere for a pay phone - honestly, who uses those. My phone is now therefore nothing more than a piece of .... I don't know what it's made of.

I originally resolved to go without a phone until I get down to begging my parents for a new one - after all if they cannot call me, they cannot nag at me to go home earlier HOHO - but though I can survive without one, it'd mean I have to resort to suburban methods of meeting people which would require me to actually be punctual and a whole other load of awful virtues which I am unfortunately devoid of and THE MORAL (not a moral, actually) OF THE STORY IS THAT I WILL GO TO REPAIR MY PHONE AND TREAT IT WITH GREAT CARE HENCEFORTH.

the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 11:44 AM

Thursday, January 1, 2009
After abandoning my blog for a shamefully long period of time, I've decided to resurrect it since I have nothing better to do.

It's the New Year, and the New Year inadvertently brings about with it many cliches and things that you Do For The Sake of Doing, such as making New Year resolutions. Well I've always thought that it was kind of pointless to wait till NEW YEAR'S DAY to make all resolutions for the coming year because it's JUST another year and resolutions can be made anytime because any day is one year away from another year and such formalities are just bullshit, but somehow the fact that you have to write a different last digit when you write the date on your tutorial feels EMPOWERING, and I shall jump on the bandwagon and list down a few promises to myself that hopefully will not be broken.

SO here goes huiwen's list of things that she says she has to do and probably will keep to them until June, when she will be tired of trying and give up anyway - but hopefully not.

1. Not fall asleep in lectures or tutorials. (Arguably the hardest point to achieve)
2. Finish 90% of tutorials before the deadline.
3. Train extremely hard for InterJC`09.
4. Walk away from stupid arguments.
5. Avoid having arguments with stupid people. (In my books anyone that argues with me is stupid MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA k i'm kidding)
7. Remember to Thank God for everything, good or bad.
8. Not sleep any time past 2am
9. Eat less

We'll just see how much of it I can achieve (:

2008 was a crazy year when everything just flurried by without my realising it. So many heartbreaks, disappointments, things coming and going, PEOPLE coming and going, transitions from being trapped in the rudiments to growing up and taking small steps into a new grown-up world where the reins of your life are being handed to you, moving out of comfort zones and trusting people with your heart and trusted and pressured to be better, better, better.

But 2009 brings a general aura of fear, excitement, apprehensiveness and general feeling of not-knowing-what-to expect-or-do. With A LEVELS now being less than 11 months away and InterJC looming nearer and nearer and the desire to play more just to have something to look back on in future and having to invest time into building meaningful relationships with people and not just superficial interactions (haha van de waals) there is just so many things to do and so so little time.

But without a doubt, 2009 brings new hope that everything good in 2008 will be bigger and better and time will heal everything and things will fall in place and make sense like how God intended it to.

So, I will face it with gusto and aplomb! 
Happy New Year Everyone :)

the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 2:07 PM

Thursday, December 11, 2008
#66: You got coin?
Today was a very eventful day!

Was forced to wake up early in the morning at 9am by my mother who promptly switched off the air conditioning and cut off my ventilation in a bid to get me out of bed fast. After which I bathed and went back to sleep for another 2 hours. This holiday business is turning me into a sloth.

Went shopping for Eugene's birthday present at AMK hub. I now proclaim that it is a MYTH that shopping with guys gets things done a lot faster because guys are just as indecisive and fickle-minded - they just don't bother in recce-ing much, which isn't necessarily a good thing.

Halfway through, the weather, behaving every bit like a petulant child, decided to deal us with an outrageous downpour which totally screwed up plans for outdoor Physical Training and caused the transport back to school to be highly inconvenient. Nevertheless we managed to board bus 88 back to school when another episode unfolded. (My life is full of drama, I tell you)

The moment we plopped ourselves down on the seats, a middle-aged man decided that we looked stupid and decided to come up with a series of unconvincing and irrelevant stories in a futile attempt to gain sympathy and thereby con us into giving him money. He must've been quite stupid, because Yixuan was wearing the school PE t-shirt, and I suppose that being from a reputable school in Singapore, we were less likely to be buying his stupid lies, which were unoriginal and INCOHERENT.

First, he identified himself as a Singapore citizen (to gain credibility? I don't know how the below-average mind works, sorry) and proceeded to talk about how he lost his EZ link card (ORLY????) and international passports TWICE (because absent-mindedness deserves social sympathy and donations from the general public) and how he got chased out of the house (FOR BEING INCOHERENT AND GOOD-FOR-NOTHING MAYBE?) and whatever relative who was sick and asked the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION: "Do you have coins?"

In case it wasn't a scam, and we were being rude, Kenneth asked "How much?" to which he replied "$5" and he was immediately identified as a Bad Conman. We all said that we didn't have coins of course, surely no one has $5 worth of coins in their wallet at any point of time? "$2 also can..." Kenneth being the nice guy that he is, gave him 40cents (giving him ANYTHING AT ALL would be considered nice already)......


At this point, I was pretty amused by the man's awful acting - I think he was attempting to SEEM like he was on the verge of tears, but all he managed to look was CONSTIPATED, and Zhefei and I were trying SO HARD not to laugh that we took out books to read and pretended to be laughing at each other's literature when I was reading a novel about twisted minds. And Kenneth just shut his eyes and pretended to sleep (or was he praying? I don't know) and Yixuan.. Okay well I don't know what he was doing, it was all very awkward.

Realising that we would not give him any money at all, he wanted to borrow our PHONES TO "CALL HIS MOTHER" which obviously none of us obliged, even though it was the second level of a double deckered bus and it would be rather hard to make off with a handphone, I would not allow his dirty hands touching my phone. Then he asked us whether we had PHONE CARDS or not. Oh gosh, this is just stooping to new lows seriously, PHONE CARD ALSO GOOD TO STEAL?!!!?!?!

What a hassle isn't it, just to get 40cents out of 4 people? Here, let me introduce you to a new method of getting money quickly. It's called EMPLOYMENT, DUDE.

We decided that it was too awkward a bus ride, so we decided to pretend that we were getting off and relocate to the lower deck, but Kenneth was too fast for us and flew off the bus, so we made a transfer. We would rather lose 35cents for a bus ride than give it to that good-for-nothing.

Wow that was a very long story.

After we reached school we commenced physical training which involved running the perimeter of RI and RJ and random exercises such as wall sits and assorted things which I am sure you are not interested in. So in order to make my blog more interesting, I am going to provide a picture!!!!!! So awesumzzz.

This has been a sufficiently long post, be happy!

the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 11:57 PM

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
#65: Of flying brown discs
There, this is the obligatory post about the Inter-JC Hat tournament which you expected me to post yet wasn't sure of it due to my blogging vagaries, coming 2 days too late but here nonetheless. (That was a very long and awkward sentence but I don't quite care). Wanted to wait for the pictures to arrive, but I suppose that I'll have lost all motivation to write anything about it and it will just fade into oblivion.

Was quite blessed to be part of an awesome team comprising of ME of course that's why it's awesome hahahahahahaha kthnx, Zhangkai, Cheng, Kenneth, Dng, Sijie, Cecilia, Jazlyn, Xiuying, Ralene, Reyor and Yellow-shirt guy whose name I cannot spell, which eventually won SECOND PLACE beating cat's team (hohohoho cat fat already) and marginally losing to the first team.

The games were really fun, because I actually SCORED FOR ONCE (twice, actually) which is now like a rare occurrence because I am lazy like that, plus my team was quite alright on the flow until we were near the endzone then cue the endless turnovers.

Apart from the erratic weather which had everyone shivering and hiding behind each other and huddling for warmth, the strong wind which sent our discs spinning out of control and ricocheting off the ground, the muddy field that caused my shirt to turn a shitty brown and caused my mum to go into a hissy fit, it was a day to remember.


the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 9:31 PM

Saturday, December 6, 2008

because i have so much catching up to do, so much to study, and A's are 11 months away!!

&there's never enough time to spend time with people we <3333333333333333

the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 10:18 PM

Monday, December 1, 2008
#63: Global HEATING
Basked in yet another unproductive day lazing around the house today with no motivation to read about vectors or alkanes. I blame this on the awful, erratic weather which brought misery with its  unusually high temperature and strong rays of light, which either was the cause or exacerbated my foul mood today which I decided to remedy by sleeping through the large part of the day.

Which trapped me in a vicious cycle as the knowledge of my lack of productivity was highly disconcerting.

I have nothing more to say.

the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 8:42 PM

Thursday, November 27, 2008
#62: ...
One day I'm going to get sick of this.

the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 11:08 PM

#61: Must. Remain. Zen.
Was supposed to meet the peeps at 12, but unfortunately, my entire family's routine revolves around a contraption known as the washing machine - originally meant as a device to aid and simplify the lives of mankind, but has henceforth evolved into a regulatory system that traps one unfortunate person at home to settle the washing by waiting one entire hour to shift the clothes from the washing machine into the DRYER - and I will therefore be late.

You can scream your frustrations out, and so can I.



the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 10:38 AM

Friday, November 21, 2008

It has been an inexplicably long time since I felt like this. In case you don't know me, NO, I AM NOT EMO.

BUT I am ACHING all over due to the Physical Training yesterday which was not exceedingly challenging, but tiring nonetheless. 4 rounds of warm up, 3 rounds of interval, pyramid up to 7 (which is 1 push up, 1 crunch, 1 tuck jump, 2 push ups, 2 crunches... all the way up to 7 then back down again - doesn't sound like it, but TRUST ME, it's tiring) planks, wall sit, lunging and throwing drills. 

Weird as it seems, considering I spent 11am- 4.30pm doing integration (okay fine, I did get distracted) and then spent the next 3 hours torturing my body in all sorts of sado-masochistic methods as mentioned above, I had a pretty fun day!

& Michelle, I must Officially Welcome You Into Frisbee! It's damn cool that we're gonna be in the same CCA for like, 5 years or something &&& i lubbs euu veli much!

Yes, we were dissecting a frog :D We are MEN!

This is the face of the girl that accompanied me to Queensway in a painful 3-hour ordeal to Buy Sports Shoes (no, I'm not FINALLY doing something girly). I am forever indebted to you!!

Also, I am DELIGHTED at gmail's new layout! I HAVE NINJAS TO CHEER ME UP WHENEVER I LOG INTO GMAIL!! So awesumz.

Omg my posts are becoming frivolous ):

the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 11:14 AM

Monday, November 17, 2008
#59: Excellence
Care more than others think is wise
Risk more than others think is safe
Dream more than others think is practical
Expect more than others think is possible!

the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 8:46 PM

Thursday, November 13, 2008
#58: Disintegrate
Yes, I realise I have been neglecting my blog way too much and the number of visitors per day is surely dwindling (:O CRI!), but my life has been way too dysfunctional and disjointed and not to mention uneventful to be worth my time typing about it so you know, deal with it. In fact, I am only blogging because I feel some slight obligation toward the random bored soul that chances upon my blog. Hi! MY LIFE IS EXCITING!

I can't believe that 2008 is ending and A levels are less than a year away. I shudder to think of the amount of studying that I will be doing next year. I already picture myself sitting in a corner of the library with worksheets, files and books strewn across the tableS (one is never enough) with food hidden underneath the enormous piles of academic decadence and averting the librarian's glare while dutifully loading myself with information that will not contribute to my development as a useful human being whatsoever. Fabulous.

Don't have much to document my life with since I mostly hang out with people that do not camwhore compared to the liberal amount of photos taken in RG. I KIND OF miss RG sometimes, not the school but the people and the free reign over doing stupid things. Will never miss the straight-laced prefects who fault people for making "excessive noise" --> I kid you not, some people get booked for that. Not me of course, I am demure and quiet teehee.

Listen to me! I am rambling on and on and on. This can only mean one thing.


the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 9:23 PM

Thursday, November 6, 2008
#57: of vodka and .. idiots.
This shall be a semi-exciting post with pictures in order to fool all you readers that I'm putting in effort to blog when in actual fact I am simply uploading pictures to fill this void space!

Class barbecue was super fun, thanks to the resident drunkard, whom by the way, I will pwn flat next year because he is obnoxious and I am determined to do so.
The food, vodka and company were awesome, certainly a vast difference in the personalities in class (well I suppose stifling classrooms are not quite conducive for having fun).

Not dreading next year as much now :)

the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 9:36 PM

Tuesday, November 4, 2008
The Oral Presentation today marks the conclusion of a whole year of misery that is PW. The months of staying up late to do reports or edit graphs or create powerpoints have COME TO A GLORIOUS END. No more complaining about having to stare at thousands of words, or sifting through the net for people who write articles about estranged geriatrics, heck, no more calling old people GERIATRICS and having to explain it to people. I. Am. So. Excited!

OP was kind of fun after you get over the initial trepidation of talking animatedly in front of 10 scared faces and 2  pairs of judging eyes. In fact, after my turn to present all that floated in the recesses of my mind was that "PW IS OVER OVER OVER" and I couldn't care less about Q&A.

I am having a delightful time deleting the PW files on my computer. One By One I drag them into the trash to be ERADICATED FOR ALL OF ETERNITY! The torment of PW has turned me into a delirious and maniacal person. 


the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 7:05 PM

Thursday, October 30, 2008
#55: pwop goes the weasel!
Since the last time I posted, which I admit is quite a while ago, my life has not upped its excitement factor, but is rather characterized by random outings and worrying about PWOP yet not doing anything about it. As such, it is 5 days away from my presentation, and my script has not been memorized. Reality NEEDS to sink in soon.

Also, since I am too lazy to post about all that has happened, partly due to the fact that my memory is not serving me well - the end of school signaled the start of brain atrophy - I shall only blog about Wednesday.

It marked Hannah and my debut at pick ups which was eye opening but nonetheless demoralizing to be outrun by astoundingly fit girls. It is now evident  how much harder we have to work. 

Preceding that, however, we were at zf's house (:O FIRST TIME) playing soul calibur, which Hannah thrashed me at even though she was a noob. I blame it on unfavourable circumstances and divine intervention. Watched Kungfu Hustle too, which by the way was completely frivolous yet oddly riveting.

Thursday was spent doing PW and watching Disturbia with Zhefei in a classroom while Josh falls asleep on the table. Nothing eventful.

Today, the PW group met for what seems to be the second time for this entire year, excluding PW lessons for forty minutes to practice a grand total of 1 time before deciding that we were sick of each others' faces and parted. Thankfully too, I was getting sick of saying the word elderly so many times.

Met up with Geri, GV, Charm and Kok to have high tea at Sakae Sushi, strategically planned so that we could have all-you-can-eat buffet (okay maybe not strategically planned since we waited for over an hour for it to start) during we managed to invoke the displeasure of the supervisor by laughing characteristically loudly and ordering copious amount of food. This included sashimi sushi - ingesting only the sashimi and stuffing the rice into containers and stashing it into bags so that we wouldn't get fined for food wastage. Ingenious I know.

Talked about RJ life with Kok and Charm after that, during which we lament about crazy people and funny rumours. I need to hang out more with girls, I'm sure of it.

This has been a disjointed post.

Here's an abrupt endin -

the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 9:29 AM

Monday, October 13, 2008
#54: puwhop
There has been a severe lack of surprise in my life lately, the most eventful .. event being GHS, which was a letdown because I paid $10 to play for 5 minutes before my hamstring decided to go on strike and render me unable to sit, stand or walk without a niggling pain in my leg.

The competition was not much to talk about though, because we basically got thrashed and did not win any game due to rustiness and general lack of fitness (in my case, anyway) and the crazily high temperatures on that day seems to have blurred my recollection of the day, the most distinct memory being the countless trips to cold storage to buy drinks and supplies.

Some parts of it was an eye-opener though, at least we know how much harder we have to work :)

Dinner was the most exciting period of the day. Sitting near Cheng, Yx and Zk when eating really ups the fun factor by a lot, especially when there is a free flow of mocha ice cream which bears a striking resemblance to the 'human fecal waste' seen in 2 girls 1 cup. Don't judge me, it's actually really funny and only mildly gross, though ZK would beg to differ. He was definitely not pleased when we decided to imitate the 2 unfortunate protagonists in the video and was on the verge of regurgitating his dinner.

After that, everyone decided that they were tired and wanted to go home, but ZK and I, gambled our fate on a coin and decided to be crazy and follow YX to serangoon before taking a bus home. But we all ended up on Vivo rooftop looking at the moon and the weird patterns of the clouds surrounding it and differentiating stars from Singtel satellites. Twas fun. Found out some stuff that sent me into histrionics for a good part of the night. Hoho.

I am no longer cogent. Now back to PWOP, which I have been putting off for a while now ):


the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 7:27 PM

Friday, October 10, 2008
Once again my blog has fallen into the abyss of inactivity and boringness due to my inexplicable laziness and lack of interesting material.

Training is as usual, fun and the CCA mates are full of shit its not funny that it's funny. Pardon the incoherence, I'm doing Math. Yes, Math.

Must write this down before I forget. Yesterday at Cheng's house, some guys were playing tarot cards and attempting to use them to tell the future, which in Zk's case stated that he would be dead before he was born. When it came to Yx's turn,

ZK: Think of a question, any question, just make sure it's not something that you can't tell us because you have to say it out later.
YX: Okay.

Tarot card riots go on with random stacks of cards piled on each other.

ZK: Is that good or bad?
CX: -Reads the description written by Wise Chinese Merchants-
ZK: So what's your question?
YX: What's my favourite colour?


the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 3:34 PM

Monday, October 6, 2008

I know, I'm getting boring. DEAL WITH IT!

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit :)

the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 7:40 PM

Saturday, October 4, 2008
Okay the previous few major occasions have been spent with the frisbee guys, as usual. Before long they are going to get sick of my face (the only right response to that is "NO LA", guys).

Training is getting frustrating for me, since I am simply disgustingly off form and cannot catch or throw for nuts. Oh by the way, nuts is a bad word in gunbound, and so is "stupid", "damn", "wtf" and "grapes". Have equipped myself with the skill of playing gunbound recently, despite being not very good at it, I actually enjoy it pretty much. Look at me, I HAVE A LIFE!

PW is gonna start soon. Am quite sure it's going to own my ass. Boo.

the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 8:53 PM

Thursday, September 25, 2008
#50: EMANCIPATION!!!!!!!
YES PROMOS ARE OVER (for the bio people)!

Various things have changed over this period of my (relative) inactivity. For example, the school cafeteria has now officially been knighted and named as "The Canteen", with a large sign RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of it, which is pretty pointless if you ask me. As if it were completely possible to miss the canteen when it is BUSTLING with activity and is quite often the centre of social activity in RJ and to completely demean the random visitor's intelligence by shoving it up their noses. NOOOOOOO, its not a tuckshop, its not a food court, it is The Canteen.

"THE CANTEEN?" -gasp-

You'd have thought that that sign would be put at least in some place where the canteen wouldn't be visible from...

Also, the canteen vendors actually have their stall name emblazoned above it. Awesome! Now in said of "I'm going to buy from stall 7", you can proudly proclaim that "I SHALL BE PURCHASING FOOD FROM RAFFLES YONG TAU FOO, AND HAVE DESSERT FROM THE FRUITFUL FRUITS STALL!" The signs are aesthetically unappealing (to me at least), but I guess it's KIND OF useful for people who don't know what food is being served where. That was the sole redemption of it.

Today was fun! Even though I spent half my days watching the frisbee guys play DoTA, swearing at each other while trying to figure out what "creeps" and whatever meant. But I totally understand why you'd need to destroy a frozen throne. You'd get frostbite on your ass if you tried sitting on it. IT IS EVIL THEREFORE IT SHOULD BE DESTROYED.

Didn't do much except talk a hell lot of rubbish and watch many stupid videos. But yes, (I admit) it's the company that was really awesome fun! 

I resolve to get along with yx's dog :) and leave capt as the only dog-fearing person amongst everyone.

the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 11:55 PM

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
#49: Finding X
Temporarily broke my fast from the internet to be a busybody and read about other people's lives while being completely jaded from my own insipid one. I am pretty much brain dead now. Hence the incoherent sentences with no thought put into it whatsoever.

I had a dream about Lee Hsien Loong, swivel chairs and petulant children last night. Amazing how they all amalgamate in ONE DREAM.

I am

the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 7:40 PM

Saturday, September 20, 2008
#48: 10 things I hate about you
I hate the way you talk to me
The way you cut your hair ;
I hate it when you drive my car,
I hate the way you stare
I hate your big dumb combat boots,
The way you read my mind
I hate you so much it makes me sick
It even makes me rhyme
I hate the way you're always right
I hate it when you lie
I hate it when you make me laugh
Even worse when you make me cry
I hate it when you're not around
And the fact that you didn't call
But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you,
Not even close, not even a little bit
Not even at all

Love the show :)

the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 1:36 AM

Friday, September 19, 2008
#47: Rant
Yes, I am slacking off and yes I know I will sorely regret it in time to come.

I am annoyed at a couple of things right now:
#1: Chupa Chups and the way they wrap their lollipops. Honestly I had to wrestle it open just to get some sugar in my blood.
#2: The fact that no matter how much I study now, I'm going to screw up Promos very badly. Hence I have turned to prayer and hope that a miracle will descend upon my very dismal situation and magically make everything better. I know, what are the chances, right? I deserve it anyway.
#3: I hate it that I deserve it.
#4: The weather is incredibly awful. The sun is shining in and I'm sitting next to the window. I know, WHY DON'T I MOVE? I'm lazy that's why, and NEVER YOU MIND.
#5: I'm pissed off at my own grouchiness.
$6: Study breaks are in fact worse than school days - they spell studying without the fun.
#7: I have not thrown a frisbee in an inexplicably long time. The effects of this shall rear its ugly head once training resumes and I will be bouncing up and down the field like a GIANT PIECE OF FAT.
#8: This is an incredibly bad time to newly acquire a website for free-movie viewing. I just watched Music and Lyrics while reading Chem. No prizes for guessing where my focus was on, though.
#9: It is SCARY the way I'm not caring.

I realise I am just whining, please ignore this post.

the weight of the things that remain unspoken !@#$ 5:15 PM

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Oh man, just received my post-promos timetable and I'll have LOTS of free time. Damn screwed up, but I'm definitely looking forward to the large expanses of time to WASTE.


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Saturday, September 13, 2008
#45: AHHHHH!


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Friday, September 5, 2008
Whoa, it's been a tumultuous week. Much as I want it to end soon, the prospect of inching slowly towards the Promos is rather harrowing.

Holidays are in fact, badly disguised school days, save for the occasional day when you get to stay at home at do nothing at all (in which case you ought to be feeling very ashamed of yourself for not having guilt trips for doing nothing - I get plenty) and spent either a) studying your guts out or b) worrying that you are NOT studying your guts out. Life is such a bed of roses.

I fear I am getting fat. My rate of eating is unparalleled, I believe. My appetite is tremendous, and I feel as if I'm pregnant with quintuplets or something (I hereby assure you I am not). I can feel the lipids being synthesized every nano second. When school starts I shall attempt to survive on a diet that is 90% fibre and 10% protein or something to that effect. That sounds like an awful lot of constipation/diarrhoea, whichever may apply.

Withdrawal symptoms of frisbee are kicking in. I am highly disgruntled and very annoyed that after surviving for 8 months in Ultimate without a frisbee, I now have 3 and have NO TIME to utilize any of those. I would throw them around in the house, but that is likely to warrant much breakage and disdain from my mother who insists that I shouldn't be running around in the sun chasing plastic discs, much less bringing the activity to our home. I foresee that the first thing I'd do when Promos is run unrestrained on the second field flinging discs in sheer ecstasy. Oh, what a sight that would be!

Oh a side note, I've just webcammed with LeeQi who is in CANADA happily eyecandying hot guys and I am stuck in sunny Singapore studying about how monopoly is our downfall.

You are not allowed to judge me based on how I look in that picture. NOBODY wears contacts at home except for the exceptionally vain.

Downloading a program that could allow a webcam to function like it ought on a mac was a torturous ordeal that took a lot of time off from my mugging but it is all worth it! That was incredibly fun!

Okay, back to TRYING to study. By the way, DO NOT ask me about my progress - I hate talking about it unless I am way ahead of everyone else, in which case I'll be the one asking you.

Don't die, everyone, and stop coming to my blog and STUDY. (oh, the irony!)

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008
#43: DISCipline!


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